Monday, July 7, 2008

Muerren days

We spent three nights in Murren for pure enjoyment. Murren is in a beautiful location. We first took a train into Lauterbrunnen, and then from there took a cable car up the mountainside to where we got another train to Murren. The mountiains look like they are just outside our window.
On the first day we hike in the area above Murren and found the terrific playground that you see. That was also a good place for lunch. Then we hikee some more, sometimes walking through cow pastures, sometimes with the cows accomanying us. Fortunately I used to hang around cows in my youth, or else they would have been a little too intimidating for us. One time a mother cow bellowed at her youngster to get close, and so we weren't sure what to do while she bellowed, though we at least stayed on the other side of the fence until she had calmed down.
About every hour to half an hour or so we would come across a small farm with a restaurant attached. We could order some ice cream or get something to drink. It is a very civilized way to hike. And then soon enough we would be in a wild section again.
We found a magnificent stream that led into a tremendous waterfall. We enjoyed the beauty of God's creation. The amount of water melting from the glaciers and creating streams into these valleys is unbelievable.

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